CIPA supply an extensive range drainage, cutter, vortex residue and class 1 zone pumps.

Residue Pumps

Suclow Residue Pump

Residue pumps are light weight and portable in design.
Ideal applications – removing residue water, drainage of flat surfaces on rooftops parking lots, pools, and basement. Suclows are specialized for low water levels down to 2mm.


Submersible Pumps

Lowarra Doc Series Submersible Pumps

Totally submersible and handy to use, Doc portable pumps are ideal for people who just want to pick up a pump, drop in some water, switch it on and away it goes, or place in a sump or cellar where it will switch itself automatically in an emergency. Constructed from stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials, Doc’s unique design enable it to pass small stones, and sand and grit in fluid suspension, down to level of 20mm, without harm to pump motor.


SS-6-9 Submersible Pump

Heavy duty submersible drainage & waste water pump ideal for agricultural drainage & irrigation, building storm water / subsoil removal & drainage bilge water.


240v 50mm Cutter Pump

The 240V single phase cutter pump is a rugged, cast iron electric centrifugal pump. Designed for sewage and mining duties, the impeller is fitted with a tungsten Carbide tip to macerate the materials into small particle sizes for efficient non-clog pumping.

cutter pump

CIPA flexdrive pumps 50mm

CIPA flexible shaft-driven heavy-duty pumps are portable and can be used in a variety of applications. Available as standard premium heavy-duty pump or heavy-duty cast iron model - both with stainless steel impeller for improved abrasion resistance. Self-priming, choke resistant spindle and oil bath lubrication. Fitted with a quick action flexshaft coupling with a 3-tooth drive dog enabling them to be operated by all standard drive units. Fitted with an adaptor for cam-lock quick action hose fittings. Comes fitted with an anti-kink device; you can move the coil on the shaft to where the pump needs to go over an edge etc. to help prevent the flexible shaft from kinking. 12 month warranty on pump head; 6 month warranty on flexible shaft. Stainless steel impeller as standard.


Flex Drive Units Petrol & Diesel

These units will drive most makes of flexible drive vibration shafts & pumps.

Flex Drive Units

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